Our mission

With our high-quality range of LED pool lighting, we support our customers in the optimisation of their light quality and entire atmospheric experience underwater and overhead. At the same time, we continuously strive for a lighting solution with an optimal lumen/Watt ratio and the highest level of energy efficiency.

Our customers

WaterVision LED lighting can be found in many sports and recreational swimming pools, Olympic pools, water parks, wellness centres, hotel swimming pools, therapy pools, diving pools, and so on.

By bundling knowledge and our years of specialism in the application of LED lighting in swimming pools, we are able to give you expert advice in the use of LED lighting in your swimming pool accommodation.

Own production facility

WaterVision develops and produces all LED products in our own development and production facility in the Netherlands.  Because production is entirely under our own management, we are able to guarantee you quality as well as control over delivery times. "Made in Holland" is an important mark of quality here.

As a result, special custom work applications are available for every customer.

We make use of the latest LED technologies and can therefore guarantee a high-quality product range. 


Since 2004, WaterVision has specialised in the development, production and international sales of LED underwater lighting for swimming pools, saunas and city fountains. Sales take place through an international network of representatives, installers and swimming pool builders. WaterVision is a leading European supplier of LED pool lighting for public swimming pools and places a priority on sustainability. 


These days, swimming pools place a strong focus on improvements in sustainability. Both in new construction as well as in renovation projects, sustainability is an important factor which plays a part in product choice. 

Want to know more about LED lighting and sustainability?