WaterVision lights "The Hofvijver" in The Hague (the Netherlands)

The "Hofvijver" court pond is probably the best-known pond in the Netherlands. It has an iconic location in the heart of The Hague, right next to the "Binnenhof" inner court, which houses the chambers of the Dutch parliament, and the "Torentje", which serves as the Prime Minister's office. WaterVision had the honour to provide the LED lighting for the beautiful fountain in the Hofvijver.

A magnificent eye-catcher

This classical fountain was equipped with eight 48-Watt LED lamps from the CrystalColor5 series. Not only is it possible to create all colours of the rainbow but the special WaterVision light control can also be used to represent the Dutch flag and other light designs.

The WaterVision fountain lighting follows the water jets. This produces a brilliant effect the moment that the solid jets turn into water droplets, making the fountain a real eye-catcher.

Hofvijver1  Hofvijver2  Hofvijver3