The WV15 Kelvin underwater floodlights

The extremely powerful Kelvin series is immensely popular with architects, technicians and swimming pool builders. The reason for this success is not only excellent value for money, but the fact that the lamp specifications (lumen, wattage and light colour) are industry standards, making them understandable and easily comparable. Moreover, the lamps are robust, sustainable and easy & quick to install. Then the choice is easily made.

Header Kelvin 960x226

Sustainable savings

The timeless and characteristic design of the WV15 fittings has remained unchanged and unrivalled since 2004. All WaterVision LED engines up to 200 Watt fit in the same housing. This makes replacing and upgrading the lamps easy and economical. Not only does this save time, but it also saves costs considerably. The housing is durable, and by reusing it you help protect the environment.

Quickly pays for itself

AIf you switch from halogen lighting to the Kelvin LED series, you will normally earn back your investment within two years. A 40 Watt LED lamp can replace a 300 Watt halogen lamp, saving 87% in energy costs. If you would like to know how much you can save, get in touch with us and we will calculate it for your situation.

De Kelvin replacement packages

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have put together ready-made packages for the replacement of your old lamps. These packages are available in three colors and contain all the parts needed to mount the lamps on the existing recessed pots. The supplied mounting set is suitable for mounting on MTS, Wibre, Bega,Lahme, Astral and universal mounting pots. The set consists of, among other things, brackets, mounting plates and sealing rubbers for the cable entry. This way you will never miss out and the work does not have to be interrupted and that is so enjoyable.:

Underwater pool light WV15 Kelvin package

Self-assembly? It’s easy:

We have put together the part list below for ordering WV Kelvin lamps. You need to choose from the following:

  • Water type: Chlorinated water or salt water/seawater
  • Optics1: Frosted or clear
  • Enclosure2: rounded edge or flat
  • Cable length: 10 metres as standard. Can be increased in increments of 5 metres

Articlelist - 2021

 Description Wattage Lumen* Artno.
 WV15 Kelvin pool light, Warm White 3000K  40W  up to 7.200  V1504114
 80W  up to 10.400  V1504115
 WV15 Kelvin pool light, Cool White 6000K   40W  up to 7.200  V1504118
 80W  up to 10.400  V1504120
 WV15 Kelvin pool light, Aqua Blue   40W    V1504123
 80W    V1504125


Technical specifications

Specification WV15  
Operating voltage 24Vdc  wv15 Kelvin 310x262
Output 40, 60, 80, 100 en 120 Watt  
Light output up to 180 lumen per Watt @
Licht colours Warm White, Cool White,
Material Chlorinated water: Stainless steel 316L
Salt water: Stainless steel 904L
with wear and impact-resistant
acrylate light window
Protection class IP68
Dimensions Ø265 mm x 24 mm
Optics Multimirror® wide angle clear
Multimirror® frosted
Enclosure With rounded edge (standard)
With 26mm edge
With flat edge
Dimmable Optional
Country of origin The Netherlands



Easy to install

The WV15 Kelvin underwater floodlight can be installed easily and quickly, and has the following properties:

  • Fits to all common boxes.
  • Can be flush-mounted to the wall.
  • Can be mounted with or without a mounting box.
  • Can be mounted on the bottom and walls of the swimming pool.
  • No active components needed around the perimeter of the pool.
  • All parts to be connected have clamp connectors, allowing for quick mounting
  • Fully protected against installation errors, such as short circuits, accidentally swapping the positive and
    negative poles, damaging the cable, etc.



Dimensions WV15 with rim and flat

maten WV15 Kelvin