Sportcentrum de Trits has been a loyal WaterVision customer for many years. Lighting can be found from us throughout the swimming accommodation, both above and under water. Recently the swimming pool of the Trits has undergone a major revitalization, with more than 50 m2 added.

New wellness corner

A nice Wellness corner with steam baths and infrared sauna has been added and a start has been made with replacing the floor tiles. The slide has been replaced by a spectacular tube and beautiful banners have been placed on the walls that give you the appearance of being in a tropical resort. “Who would illuminate this new section was not a question for us. Given the excellent and long-standing relationship with WaterVision, it was very simple, ” says Co van Surksum , head of technical services at Trits.“We are exceptionally satisfied with the end result. The new part now really gets the look it deserves and our visitors are also very enthusiastic, " adds van Surksum.

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Paddling pool

The paddling pool, which is located in the recreational area, is also equipped with new overhead LED spots that literally puts the little ones in the spotlight. All objects present in the paddling pool are also individually illuminated. "This makes the objects really stand out and creates a very nice warm atmosphere and makes supervision easier," says van Surksum.

Tropical dream

At the end of the slipping basin of the brand new slide beautiful banners have been placed by another member of the Dutch Pool Association (Stan de Haas from Pool Sensations) that really give you the impression of being in a tropical dream. “The area looks great and we are very happy with the end result. WaterVision has precisely matched the color of the spots that illuminate these banners to the pigments of the tropical visuals, so that the effect is optimized, "van Surksum told.

De Trits sports center - Baarn

De Trits sports center is located on Goeman Borgesiuslaan in Baarn in the province of Utrecht. The complex was opened in 1993 . The name Trits is derived from the number three. The complex consists of three departments: swimming pool, indoor sports and fitness. The brasserie is located in the central part of the complex . This multifunctional sports center is for everyone and is characterized by a wide range that is suitable for all age groups. De Trits considers sustainability to be of paramount importance and uses its self-generated energy very efficiently. The Trits, for example, has a combined heat and power system and that produces electricity itself. The warmth that comes from is used for the swimming pool and showers, and the sports hall is also equipped with solar collectors.

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