The One-Click Pool Light Planner

When designing and developing a swimming pool, a lot of things are involved. What materials should the pool be made of? Which pump installation is best suited? What should I do with the water treatment? How do I make my bath sustainable? Just a few questions that are topical when building swimming pools.

Because there is already so much involved in building a pool, WaterVision has developed a tool that gives advice about how many underwater pool lights are best suited for your specific pool. This takes into account the size of the pool and the material of which the pool is made of. So you don't have to think about this anymore.

With just 1 simple click you will get the right advice. If desired, you can fine-tune this advice by choosing a different color and / or increasing or decreasing the light intensity.

The advice always consists of three parts:

  1. The configuration. Displays the pool through a diagram with the number of pool lights therein. The distance between the lamps is also displayed. Under the diagram is a bill of materials of the required parts & quantities for this specific configuration. Both for chlorinated water and for salt water swimming pools.
  2. The wiring diagram. This diagram shows how the lamps should be connected to the mains and relative to each other.
  3. The specification texts. The full written products from the bill of materials are here and are easily transferred to a cutlery by cutting and pasting.

You can download the One-Click Pool Light Planner here:

310x310 downloadknop O C P L P