During its full renovation in 2018, sports centre “De Wezenberg” was fitted with RGBxW LED underwater lighting. The underwater lighting illuminates the long-course swimming pool with half the number of lights as before. But the results are no less stunning.

960x360 de Wezenberg Antwerpen

Photo: Frederik Beyens

Reopening of Olympic swimming pool

In the first half of 2018, “De Wezenberg” was closed to the public because of a thorough renovation. Over the weekend of 15 and 16 December 2018, it was reopened with a major party attended by many prominent figures from the city of Antwerp, the press, and regular pool visitors. The renovation comprised new tiling of the pool, restoration of the water treatment system and the air groups, modernization of the changing rooms, and the addition of new mod cons. The entrance area was also given a facelift. In addition, new underwater and above-water LED lights were installed and solar panels placed. “These measures will guarantee significant energy savings every year,” said Tom Schippers, sports infrastructure coordinator of the city of Antwerp..

Efficient interaction

The LED underwater lighting was designed by Bladt ir & Verstraeten arch multiprofessioneel architectenbureau bv ovv bvba, supplied by WaterVision, and installed by Algemene bouwonderneming Verboven – Reynders N.V. “The interaction between the architect, WaterVision and the company Verboven – Reynders throughout the process was very efficient,” says Mr Fancello, foreman at Verboven – Reynders. “We built in the lighting into the concrete walls and did all the tiling ourselves. That was a very easy and smooth process.” The Olympic-size swimming pool is lit by means of 18 80W WV15 LED underwater RGBxW floodlights. These WaterVision RGBxW LED underwater lights are very powerful and can be adjusted to the type of activity taking place. With a single press of the button of the ColorComposer, the setting changes from functional competition pool lighting to ambient festive lighting and vice versa.

“The pool used to be illuminated with 36 metal vapour lamps behind glass. Now lighting is provided by only half the number of lamps, with excellent results”.

Tim van den Bulck, Swimming pool manager at De Wezenberg.

The RGBxW colour lighting processRGBxW kleurenverlichtingtraject

WaterVision uses state-of-the-art LED engines which can produce any colour of the rainbow. And if that weren't enough, WaterVision also developed a technology that makes the colours incredibly intense, clear, effective and efficient. This technology adds a White (W) channel and an "x" channel to the regular Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B) channels. The W channel adds more white to the colour composition, which produces a clearer and more powerful light. The x channel adds "intermediate" colours, optimally enhancing the lighting effect and producing an excellent colour display under water..

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De Wezenberg in Antwerp

“De Wezenberg” is located at Singel in Antwerp. “De Wezenberg” is an Olympic swimming centre comprising an Olympic-size pool, an Olympic training pool (de Wezenberg 2) and an instruction pool. The total surface area is 7,500 m² and the pool has a seating capacity of 800. Through the years, the sports centre has seen several renovations, the most recent one of which was completed at the end of 2018.