The nuclear reactor in Petten (NL) again selects WaterVision. WaterVision is modernising the nuclear reactor's underwater lighting, which was installed 14 years ago. Contrary to most nuclear plants, this nuclear reactor is not an energy plant for the purpose of generating energy, but rather it is used for the research, development and production of medicines.

Petten reactor 960x360

Fully adapted

WaterVision supplied the first LED underwater lighting to the Petter nuclear reactor approximately 14 years ago. At that time, the problem was that the lamps frequently malfunctioned under water as a result of the specific circumstances in the nuclear reactor. WaterVision adapted the lamps especially for these conditions. For example, the lamps are hermetically sealed (IP68-certified) so that nothing can enter or exit the housing. The lamps are made suitable for use in a radioactive environment. Now – 14 years later – WaterVision has upgraded the CrystalColor 5 lamps with the latest LED technology in order to make the labels in the reactor basin, among other items, visible for automatic identification of the objects.

Pure H2O

The water in the nuclear reactor's aluminium basin consists of pure H2O. WaterVision has developed a special light for this which eventually formed the basis for its underwater LED lighting for swimming pools. This unequalled technology – called NanoPower® – ensures an optimal collaboration between the different components of the lamp and an optimization of the light frequencies. As a result, the light goes through the entire basin.


In Petten (NL), there is just one small nuclear reactor – located on EU property – which has been in use since the 1960s. This high-flux reactor is operated by NRG and owned by the European Union. NRG is an internationally operating nuclear service provider which produces medical isotopes, among other products, intended for the production of medicines to fight cancer. Its nearly 500 employees have high level of knowledge and are innovative. The business works for and with partners in the healthcare sector, the energy market, industry, governments and the scientific community.

Nuclear reactor collage