WaterVision helps Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg to give its guests an ultimate experience by providing the spa with WaterVision's exceptionally high quality LED lighting both under and above water, which enhances the desired effect.

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Serene and relaxed

Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg is characterised by its serene tranquility and relaxed atmosphere in which visitors truly unwind. During autumn and winter, the hotel accommodates numerous skiers and in spring and summer it is filled with summer guests who come to enjoy the wonderful views and surroundings. WaterVision was given the assignment to enhance this relaxed atmosphere by creating an ultimate lighting experience.

The lighting plan

In order to create this ultimate lighting experience, WaterVision has developed a subtly devised lighting plan that can create and enhance the envisaged relaxed atmosphere, whatever the time of day, the season or the weather. "The swimmers also clearly contrast against the black background. Of course, good visibility benefits safety. Above water, CrystalColor LED spotlights have been used which are automatically controlled to adapt the colours to the situation.

Painting with light

By 'painting' with various shades of colour above water, the earthy colours of the walls come to life. The architectural alcoves that have been created here and there in the spa are lit up in such a way that everyone feels at ease here. During the day, the lighting creates a cooler atmosphere and at the end of the afternoon and in the evening this changes to the 'relax' setting. WaterVision's colour changers have the unique characteristic that the light changes smoothly from one colour to the next. The changes are so subtle that the visitor has an optimal experience without noticing these.

Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg

The Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Hochsauerland, at the centre of the largest ski area north of the Alps. Since its opening in 1982, approximately two million hotel guests have passed through the large wrought iron gate under the striking half-timbered tower. Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg has 123 rooms and holiday cottages and is the perfect place to rejuvenate and to enjoy the idyllic tranquility of its spa.